Sister Concern of
Golden Ispat Ltd.

Golden Ispat Limited is one of the latest ventures of the Mostafa Hakim Group. The Mostafa Hakim group consists of following units:


  1. Alhaj Mostafa – Hakim Cement Industries Limited.
  2. Alhaj Mostafa – Hakim Housing and Real-estate Limited.
  3. Alhaj Mostafa – Hakim Bricks Limited (Unit 01 & 02).
  4. Taher and Company Limited.
  5. Golden Ispat Limited.
  6. Golden LPG Ltd.
  7. Golden Oxygen Ltd.
  8. Golden Iron Works Ltd.
  9. Golden Steel Alloy Works Ltd.
  10. Eagle Star Textile Mills Ltd.
  11. Mutual Jute Spinners Ltd.
  12. H.M Steel & Industries Ltd.
  13. H. M Ship Breaking Industries Ltd.

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Product Guide

Specification to be observed for domestic Steel Products.

ISO Certified

Golden Ispat Ltd. is an ISO certified manufacturer.

Historical Milestone

One of the first best integrated steel plant in Bangladesh.

Locate Us

Corporate Office: 218 D.T, Old Dewanhat Rd, Chattogram