Golden Ispat Billet

We supply high quality Continuously Cast Square Billets of various cross-sections and length meeting the customer requirements and international specifications including ASTM, BS, EN etc. or any other tailor-made requirements of customer

Our Billets can be in alloying and non-alloying qualities for applications like structural and general purpose, rebar for concrete reinforcement, wire drawing or any special applications (like Low Carbon, High Carbon, Spring Steel, High Mn Steel, Automotive Steel, Tool Steel, Case Hardening Steel, Cold Heading Quality Steel etc.)

Chemical Composition of Billets:


Name of the Elements


Grade wise percentage constituents

Grade – B500CWR

Grade- B400DWR

Carbon ( C )

0.18-0.24 %

0.25-0.29 %

Manganese (Mn)

0.70-0.85 %

1.25-1.60 %

Silicon (Si)

0.20-0.35 %

0.20-0.35 %

Sulfur  (S)

0.040 % (MAX)

0.040 % (MAX)

Phosphorous (P)

0.040 % (MAX)

0.040 % (MAX)

Copper (CU)

0.30-0.38 %

0.47-0.56 %



Cross-sectional Area: 100x100mm