Quality Assurance is a key policy in Golden Ispat Ltd, over the years Golden Ispat has won numerous accolades for their effort in maintaining quality. Our Quality Management System has been developed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards and has received a Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) Tested report.

The consistent product quality achieved by Golden Ispat is highly regarded by customers around the country. Such recognition is the result of years of experience and a policy of continuous improvement, combined with a Quality Management System developed according to ISO 9001:2015. And Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) Tested report.

Golden Ipsat rebar quality assurance has won the respect of the international rebar industry and offers complete peace of mind to customers.

Achieving consistent rebar quality begins with the selection of high-grade raw materials, and maintaining high quality standards throughout every single step of the manufacturing operation.



Golden spat has taken a strong position in the domestic market only because of its highest quality.
We achieve quality via two broad strategies

  • Use of only high-quality raw materials as input for our operations.
  • Implementation of accurate quality-control systems.

All products, including reinforcing bars, are manufactured from selected raw materials with defined chemical compositions pre-tested for quality at different stages of the production cycle. Inspections of samples are conducted throughout the manufacturing process, with ‘sample testing’ of output performed to ensure compliance with quality standards and customer requirements.

Golden Ispat is equipped with modern computerized testing and analytical instruments, including chemical testing analyzers and mechanical testing machines. A highly skilled group of engineers, chemists and technicians are behind the scenario of productivity and quality.

The laboratory of Golden Ispat Ltd. consists of four units

  1. Mechanical Testing Unit
  2. Metallographic Testing Unit
  3. Spectrometric laboratory Unit
  4. Chemical laboratory Unit

Certification & Tested Report

Golden Ispat has received numerous international and domestic certifications from various affiliated organizations due to the use of accurate quality control systems.

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